New Changes // Creative Growth // Austin, TX

In the past couple month I have gone through some major life changes. These trials and tribulations have changed the person I am inside and all of these new things resulted in me having a complete metal break down on what I stood for as a photographer and why I started doing what I do. As much as I love weddings and absolutely adore my couples, I realized I was in a creative rut. I no longer felt proud of my work and I was always comparing myself to other photographers and I just felt very average. I reached out to another photographer, Rob Mata Photography, who has grown his business into an empire over the last year and I was interested in seeing if he’d mentor me and maybe help me crawl out of this creative rut I seemed to have put myself in.

When I started photography, I wanted to be able to capture everything. Weddings, skateboarding, product collaborations, festivals, music artists, behind the scenes, honestly anything you can think of. I found myself forgetting about all of those except for weddings. So when I reached out to Rob I flat out begged him for creative guidance.

For the last two months, we’ve started with getting me out of my natural habitat and went straight into how to work with clothing and models. How to get the photos that make stop your scrolling and do a double take at what the photo is bringing to you. I’ll be working more with him in the next couple of months and hopefully moving more into other genres of photography as well! Enjoy the beginnings of my crawl out of a creative rut//

Europe // March 2018

Its been a couple weeks of being home and now I'm finally reflecting on this last trip I took to Europe. It took way longer than it should have to adjust back to the time difference. Leaving the country was exactly what was needed during this crazy time! Sometimes we need a break from the madness to go and travel other places that seem like they might have somethings figured out just a little better. 

Our first stop was Budapest, after that was Vienna, then Prague, and our final stop was Munich! Each place had something so special and unique to it, but my absolute favorite was Germany. It started snowing the first day we got there and made the entire city look like a fairytale. 

We saw so many magnificent historical monuments and had the opportunity to learn about the history of each city. Its incredible to think about how long some of the buildings have been around. To a town that was made in the 12th century to remains of a city that were older than Jesus himself to castles that overlooked grand acres of land. Each country was mind blowing! 

What was most shocking is the quality of food, they truly care about what goes into their bodies and they take care of themselves much more. They go as far as even the gas station food is actual meals! Full restaurants can be found in almost every gas station. As much as I do love the US, I am already itching to go back and explore more cities. I also plan on going back to my favorite place, London! Stay tuned friends, I plan on many more travels coming soon! Enjoy// 

New York // December 2017

We've been back from New York for a couple weeks now and it definitely feels good to get back into our old routine and have our puppies with us again! As much as we do love parts of Texas and the home-town feel, we are already planning on how we're going to get back to one of the greatest states we've ever seen! 

Walking into New York felt like stepping into a movie. I've always grown up hearing about New York and the unstoppable city life there. I always dreamed about what living there must be like. The taxis, the subway stations, the huge buildings! We arrived on Sunday afternoon and instantly headed to Manhattan. We were so amazed we probably looked like kids in candy store. The city lights and the tall buildings consumed us. We spent our first night just walking enjoying this huge city, and eating way too much pizza. 

We stayed in the cutest Airbnb hidden in Brooklyn. This Airbnb was the first shared space we'd ever stayed in, but our hosts made us feel so welcomed and at home. Our main host, Sol, was from Norway. She came to America when she was just 20 years old with one dream- to be an artist. The trouble and trails she told us about were so heartfelt. She had done so much in her lifetime she felt like a wise aunt you'd always wished you had. We had the opportunity to visit her studio and her neighbor is the Spike Lee! It was such an incredible experience overall. 

Let me just say that if you ever visit New York go to all of the touristy things. It's incredibly worth it. However, visit the local spots, go places you'd never think to try. Talk to everyone you can and make as many friends as possible. We were turned on to so many hidden spots because of the strangers we befriended. I can't wait to go back! Enjoy a few pictures friends! //

California // 2016

In the year of 2016 my husband and I moved to Anaheim, California. Now, a lot of people told us that we were insane to move and I understood their concerns. California is not for the typical southerner who likes sweet tea and a slow pace life. California truly shows you what dreams are made of. It's a state with weather that never goes above 75 degrees. It's a state that has horrible traffic but at the same time you're passing the hollywood sign or the ocean and surrounded by palm trees. It's a state that will you make feel lonely yet completely unstoppable all at once. I met incredible people who made something out of nothing. Walking the beach at night and standing in front of the ocean just to remember how small you are in this world. I was able to see Jordan Sparks shoot a music video, drive fancy sports cars, find hidden beaches and spend bonfire nights with amazing friends. I had the opportunity to work on movie sets, work for someone who grew up with Johnny and June Cash and ran her own non profit to rescue dogs from the meat industry. Every day was an adventure. California has something for everyone. I understand that there are plenty of complaints about this state however, I think its because people also fear it! I got to meet both Tony Alva and Dylan Rieder who are some of my ultimate heroes. We got our first dog, Prince who I love more than anything. It was the most freeing year I've ever had. We ended up moving home for personal reasons however I hope to one day go back when the timing is better. Is it possible to fall in love with a state?

Amira + Marcus // Hutto, TX

Amira and Marcus's One Eleven East wedding in Hutto was a pinterest DREAM. This lovely couple met while Marcus was interning where Amira already worked. He said the first time he saw her he was too nervous to talk to her, but knew she was the one. Amira's mother had passed away, and they day they were getting married was her parents anniversary. As she walked down the isle with her father, who was the officiant, she smiled with misty eyes to her soon to be husband. Her father started off the ceremony with a shaky voice explaining that today was his anniversary and now it will also be Amira and Marcus's. I watched Amira squeeze Marcus's hands as they remembered her mother in that special time. Marcus's group was absolutely adorable! All the groomsmen were in a band together and his best man said he's had this speech ready since they lived together in a small tour van! He said he asked Marcus why Amira and Marcus's answer made even his best man feel proud. He responded with "simple, she makes me better." I watched Amira draw herself closer around Marcus's arm as they both looked at each other you knew they were in their own world. Amira's Maid of Honor was her sister and her speech was as equally tear filled! She spoke of them growing up together and almost being each other's mothers since they were without one. There wedding was filled with beautiful subtle flowers and alternative decorations. Definitely a couple that were made for each other! Enjoy friends. // 

Luke + Melissa // Driftwood, TX

Luke and Melissa were such a down to Earth couple. Their elopement was truly something magical. Luke manages a soccer team while Melissa work for a marketing team. These two met in the Austin airport! Luke was on his way home to Georgia while Melissa was headed to China for work! He said the first time he saw her in that airport he knew he was going to marry her. Their vows were so touching and included multiple friends references (so they're clearly the coolest people ever.) It was the perfect combination of simplistic and elegant. They decided to elope because they wanted to keep the wedding planning process as easy going as possible. Not one detail was overlooked even down to the fact that Melissa had a handkerchief embroidered with "keep your shit together" hah! It is per tradition that after you get married at this venue, you ring this giant bell seven times for good luck. Luke and Melissa looked so happy to be apart of this tradition they couldn't stop smiling! Just by the way they look at each other you can tell they're in love. They're always making each other laugh, you can see that when Melissa wanted to do a boomerang so we had to get some shots of them doing a jump for her Instagram! Their day felt very much like the movie The Vow were they run off downtown and have a perfect time spending it with each other. Also, you HAVE to check out their getaway car (couple goals for sure) //

Ram + Jenny // Dripping Springs, TX

Ram and Jenny are the cutest couple! You can definitely tell they're best friends. They're always laughing no matter what and reaching for each others hands! (They also have the PRETTIEST smiles!) Jenny is always smiling and easy going and Ram is constantly cracking jokes to anyone near him. Their love of hip hop had Marisa and I dying from cuteness overload. Even during their first dance Jenny sang the entire song to him! Jenny had recently lost her mother so her bond her father was extra special that day and there were details about her mother spread all throughout the wedding; you could tell she was still present that day. Jenny and Ram's love and support from their families had me in tears multiple times that day. I was second shooting for Marisa Vasquez for this wedding so here are some of my favorite moments of their day//